Den hvide slavinde (1907) (en)

Den hvide slavinde 1907
  • Original title: Den hvide slavinde
  • Evaluation: 4 (Votes: 2)
  • Release date 1907-01-11 (1907)

Den hvide slavinde Download - A young girl reads an ad in the newspaper and enthusiastically shows it to a young man, who cares for her. She leaves on the train; the young man gives her a carrier pigeon. At the end of the journey, she meets with a lady, who takes her to her house. The girl is given an evening dress and taken to a salon filled with revellers. She fights off their advances and is locked in her room. Realizing that she has ended up in a brothel, she sends off the pigeon with a message. The young man gets the message and arrives at the brothel with the police. He takes the girl away with him, but after the police have left, the remaining revellers cheerfully continue their debaucheries.
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