Lady of the Palace (2004) (en)

Lady of the Palace 2004

Lady of the Palace Download - Traces the history of Mount Lebanon's Joumblat family from the 17th century to the present, focusing on early-twentieth century leader and politician Nazira Joumblat. Born in 1889, Nazira assumed her place on the throne of the Moukhtara palace in 1923, following the assassination of her husband, Fouad, and the resignation of his brother, Aly Joumblat. She presided over the region as Lady of the Palace for twenty-five years while raising her son Kamal, preparing him to take his place in a long line of Joumblat leaders. Famous for her wisdom and strong personality, Nazira boldly entered the Lebanese political arena at a time when the field was entirely dominated by men. Undaunted, she helped maintain peace and stability in Lebanon for many years, earning the respect of both men and women alike, be they Druze, Maronite or Christian.
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